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Juan Carlos Pinto Márquez


Mexican photographer based in Zushi, Japan. In his transition from the world of words to the world of photography, Pinto continues to apply a principle of selection and restriction in his work: what is said is as important as what is not said; what is not present in the photograph is as important as what is. Thus, in his photographic work, he seeks to simplify the selection of space and bring into play a single subject.  Rather than the interaction between subjects, he seeks to reflect on the unnoticed interaction of the subjects with their surroundings and the ephemeral passage of light. His intention is that viewers find in his work a reflection of the aesthetic potential of their own everyday life and the world around them.


His influences include the images and narratives of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, the literature of the Latin American Boom and the work of photographers such as Fan Ho, Sam Abell and George Nobechi. 




2022 - Lens Culture Street Photography Awards 2022 - Finalist

2022 - CUARTOSCURO magazine photo contest "Nuestra huella en el planeta" - shortlisted

2022 - Royal Horticultural Society Photo Competition 2022, Welcoming Wildlife - Third Place

2021 - Tokyo International Foto Awards, Architecture/Cityscapes - Bronze Medal

2021 - Head On Awards, Landscape category - International Runner Up 

2021 - Prix de la Photographie de Paris - Honorable mention

2020 - CUARTOSCURO magazine photo contest "Con la Música por Dentro 2020" - shortlisted

2019 - Grant for Book Publication from Ministry of Culture of Mexico

2019 - "Haz Clic con México 5" - Documentary category - Finalist

2019 - Pentax Ricoh España Street Photography Contest #callegr3 - Finalist

2019 - International Photography Awards One shoot: Street Photography - Honorable mention

2019 - EPSON meet up! Selection - Jury Award​

2018 - MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - Honorable mention on Transportation

2018 -ALL JAPAN PHOTO EXHIBITION CONTEST - Tokyo Metropolis Excellence Award

2018 - EPSON meet up! Selection - Excellence Award

2017 - MONOVISIONS PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - Honorable mention on Street Photography

2017 - CUARTOSCURO magazine photo contest "El tiempo 2017" - shortlisted

Solo exhibitions

2022, January 1st - June 29th, "Sora: el camino de regreso", Alicia Foto&Café, Zacatecas, Mexico 

​2021, August 24th - 29th, "The Bunkers", Morioka Shoten Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

2021, August 14 - September 1st, "The Bunkers", Ginza Golfing Society - Taiheiyo Club, Tokyo, Japan

2021, August 2nd - 31st, "The Bunkers", Tsutaya Book Store, Shibuya Scramble Square, Tokyo, Japan

2020, All year, “La misma luz, otros rastros y otros trazos”, Alicia Galería y Café, Zacatecas, Mexico.

2020, January 28th - February 17th, ""salaryman - tokyo take two", Taberna MORGAN, Valladolid, Spain

2019, April 1st - 28th, "Cruel Sky, Red Soil", STARBUCKS IKEJIRI 2-CHOME, Tokyo, Japan.

2018, October 3rd - November 17th, "salaryman - tokyo take two", HacheQú, Valladolid, Spain

2018, March 14th - June 11th, "Los Rastros Solitarios de la Luz", Municipal Centre of Culture of Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico.

2017, June 1st - July 31th, "Hikari No Kodokuna Kiseki", STARBUCKS DAIZAWA 5-CHOME, Tokyo, Japan.


Collective exhibitions

2022, August 19 - 30th, "Urban Landscape", collective exhibition, RogArt Street Campus, Glasgow, Scotland

2022, July 16th - August 25th, Nuestra huella en el planeta, collective exhibition, Museo del Periodismo y las Artes Gráficas, Guadalajara, Mexico

2020, October 9th - 25th, “Art Range-Social Distancing”, collective exhibition, itinerant in several locations, Tokyo, Japan.

2020, September 17th - 21st, “World Art Tokyo SatelliteS”, Tokyo Art Fair, collective exhibition, Terrada Art Complex II, Tokyo, Japan.

2019, August 9th - 13th, "Tokyo Unknown", collective exhibition, TERRANOVA House, Tokyo, Japan.

2019, March 7th - 10th, World Art Tokyo 2019, Tokyo Art Fair, collective exhibition, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan. 

2018, September 4th - 10th, All Japan Photo Exhibition 2018, collective exhibition, The Gallery 1, Nikon Plaza Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

2018, April 27th - May 10th, "Meet Up! Exhibition", collective exhibition, Epson Imaging Gallery - EPSITE, Tokyo, Japan.


2018, April - Temple University Japan, Art&Photography Class, collective exhibition, Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.

2018, March 1st - 4th, EPSON meet up! Selection winners showcase, EPSON hall, CP+ 2018, Yokohama, Japan

2017, July 14th -29th , "El tiempo", Zacatecas photo library "Pedro Valtierra", Zacatecas, Mexico

2016, December - Temple University Japan, Art&Photography Class, collective exhibition, Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.

2016, April - Temple University Japan, Art&Photography Class, collective exhibition, Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.


​​2021 - “The Bunkers”, photo book, ENYSi, Japan


2021 - “Rees' Bunker”, photo book, ENYSi, Japan

2019 - "光の孤独な軌跡/Los rastros solitarios de la luz/The solitaries traces of light", photo book, TEXERE, México.

2018 - CUARTOSCURO magazine 149, Mexico

2017 - CUARTOSCURO magazine 144, Mexico

2017 - La Soldadera, 108, cultural supplement of the El Sol de Zacatecas newspaper 

2016 - Yoitabi Travel, numerous features in the social media accounts


2018 - Certificate in Art Photography and Digital Image by the University of Temple, campus Japan.

2018 - Temple University Japan, Art&Photography III

2016 - Temple University Japan, Art&Photography II

2016 - Temple University Japan, Art&Photography I

2007 - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, MA in Spanish Literature (All credits completed, degree pending)

2003 - Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, BA in Literature

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